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Current Message Series: Summer Reading – The Book of Galatians

Sundays, July 10 – Aug 14
9:30 & 11:05am

For the next several weeks, both in worship and within a collaborative online study, we will immerse ourselves in the Book of Galatians, which is a letter from Paul that changed all the rules about what it meant to be a Christian.

In fact, in Galatians we find the earliest written articulation of Jesus’ “Good News.” This revelation completely upended the thinking that we had to earn the love of our Creator, or follow a set of rules to receive His love.

If you’re worn out from trying to get it all right, we hope this reminder of God’s plan for grace will provide comfort and encouragement. It’s also a great series to invite One More Person you know who’s given up on church, but not on God.

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What’s Your Story?

We love telling stories at Lake Forest. Stories of transformation. Stories of redemption. Stories that encourage, inspire or help us feel less alone in the world with our own struggles. We call these “God Stories” and we share them often to remind one another that we are a part of a beautiful narrative God is writing about love and grace. We’d love to be a part of helping you discover and live out your role in God’s story.

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