LFC Classes are designed to equip skeptics, spiritual explorers and longtime followers of Christ discover the next step in their journeys. Maybe you’d like to explore the essentials of the Christian faith…see what God has to say about strengthening your relationships, marriage and finances…or dig deeper into stories and people found in the Bible.

No matter what you choose, we believe you’ll find wisdom, encouragement and community.


Welcome 101

If you’re new to Lake Forest and you are looking for opportunities to make connections and grow in your faith, the best starting place is our Welcome 101 course.

During these sessions, our pastors will lead you on a journey to help you identify where you are spiritually and also help you define your next step. As you discover your role in God’s story, you’ll build relationships, find places to share your gifts and have an opportunity to become a LFC Ministry Partner (our term for member).

Winter Sessions (you must attend all three classes)

  • Feb. 12, 19, 26th at 9:30 am in the Barn Door room. Register here.
Welcome 101 Resources

Bible 101

For Men & Women

“The Bible was not written to satisfy your curiosity; it was written to transform your life… you see, we frequently come to the Bible to study it, to you teach it, to preach it, outline it– everything except be changed by it.” Howard Hendricks

This 4 session class is designed to help us engage the Bible in a deep way. Based on Howard Hendricks’, “Living the Word” we will spend time learning and developing the tools and methods that help us not only read and understand the Bible, but allow it to transform our lives.

You will watch pre-recorded sessions by Jeff Cook and meet for 4 discussion gatherings. Please follow THIS LINK and view this 30 minute video before session 1

This class is appropriate for anyone, no amount of Biblical literacy is necessary or too much.

Sundays from Feb 5 – Mar 5, 2023 (7:30 pm – 8:30 pm). We won’t meet on Superbowl Sunday (2/12).


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Discovering Baptism

If you would like to be a part of LFC’s next baptism services, or want to know more about our beliefs around baptism, please make plans to attend this class.

In this brief session, you can learn and ask questions regarding baptism for infants, children and adults.

Next Session: Sunday, March 26th at 10:30am