Representing the mind of Christ on behalf of the church.

Our Elders oversee the spiritual and physical welfare of Lake Forest Church, including vision-casting, shepherding of pastors and staff and praying for members of the body. Elders from the LFC Family of Churches come together for a monthly gathering and Elders from LFC-Huntersville meet biweekly.

Elders are nominated and confirmed by LFC Ministry Partners after examination by the Elder Nominating Committee (ENC), which convenes yearly to elect new members. Elders can be male or female and must be active Lake Forest Church Ministry Partners who demonstrate admirable leadership and character qualifications.

Once affirmed, Elders serve a three-year term before rotating to an “Inactive Elder” designation, though they continue to play a vital role in the health of LFC.


  • Active male or female LFC Ministry Partner for no less than two years.
  • Demonstrates ministry leadership and commitment to LFC.
  • Character qualifications outlined in scripture.
  • Agreement with all components of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s “Essentials” and general assent with the Westminster Confession. Click here for more info. 


  • Provide strategic-level leadership for the operation and ministry of Lake Forest Church.
  • Pray for the Pastoral/Director Staff and the congregation.
  • Stewardship of Staff – active participation in well-being and development of staff.
  • Serve as a role model to the congregation through servant-leadership and actively shepherd the members of the church.
  • Serve the congregation in duties specifically set aside for Elders, including oversight of all administrative activities.
  • Participate in regular Elder meetings.


I Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9 outline the Biblical qualifications of an Elder. Noteworthy attributes include being temperate, respectable and able to teach. Elders should also be wise leaders of their families, in control of their finances, mature in their faith (versus a recent convert,) and exemplify sound doctrine and high ethics in all dealings.


2023-24 LFC-Huntersville
Ruling & Teaching Elders:
Mike Moses (Teaching), Jeff Cook (Teaching), Andrew Ruth (Teaching), Stefanie Finegan, Darrell Lipe, Dave Gregory, Mike Rashid, Kristin Bryan, and Brian Hines
Questions? Email the Elders Here
Active Elders at LFC-Westlake

Tom Schwartz, Jason Devine, Amy Eatmon, Dennis Moore, Harold Cherry

Inactive Elders

Jack Cathey – Founding Elder, Sam Frowine – Founding Elder

Algie Grubbs, Bill Hammill,  Jaye Soss, Mark Tornberg, Dan Finegan, Chad Lacy, Kristi Leonard, Denise Tornberg

Allen Roes – Elder Emeritus