Recharge Retreat FAQ


Q: What is the leader to kid ratio? How many leaders/ adults are going?

A: We shoot for a 1-7 ration for leaders to kids.

Q: What will my kid eat? 

A: We are actually stunned by the quality of the food at Thunderbird. And there’s always PLENTY. Plus, it’s healthier meals than most camps!

Q: What are the activities?

A: Basketball, sand volleyball, canoes, bonfires, kickball, and massive group games/activities.

Q: Can my kid come for part of the time?

A: Special considerations can be made, but it’s always ideal to attend the entire retreat.

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements?

A: Cabins with bunks. Roughly 14 per room. Always with at least one leader. Based 90% by grade.

Q: Will MS and HS be together? 

A: Meals, and group gatherings(4X) are together with MS/HS usually choosing to sit separately.

Historically, we see kids of similar ages stick together for the most part.

Q: What does my kid need to bring?

A: Towel, toiletries, jacket, extra shoes, sleeping bag, pillow, Bible, watch, swimsuit(optional)

Q: Since phones aren’t allowed, how do I stay in touch with my kid?

A: Text/call Mike or Cammie anytime and they will track down your kiddo.

Q: What if my kid doesn’t really know any other kid in remix? 

A: It’s remarkable how many kids come to these retreats feeling this and leave feeling CONNECTED.

Our leaders care deeply about unifying their kids.

Q: How do they take their meds every day? 

A: Leaders will have all meds in a lock box in the cabin. Leaders will handle distribution.

Recharge Retreat Q & A

Recharge Retreat Q & A